Behind the Scenes of True North Festival’s Ontario Debut

Toronto remains to be the Canadian wild west of electronic music concerts. While the city is dominated by year round triumphs of fancy footwork, entertaining lighting effects and helms-people of the 1s and 2s, the roster of yearly shows have for the most part gone unmoved. That’s why, when True North Music Festival injected itself into the yearly show calendar for May 21st, heads turned.

Solid Events, the team behind Vancouver’s Doom’s Night, Solid NYE and Insomnia, and Electric Escape, the creators of Canada’s largest trance shows, Escape 138 and Escape Together, are touting True North as Toronto’s largest Victoria Day Long Weekend event. It very well could be! I spoke with Stanley Ho, the moving force behind both of True North’s co-promotive companies, to get the details on what it takes to uproot from the west coast and bring his tried and true festival